Khandaker Rahin

A soul who loves coding, robotics, music, chess, cycling. It amazes me how everything in this universe revolves around technology nowadays, which made us a citizen of a digital universe. Being a Data Science student, therefore, I aim to draw patterns and project meanings to our digital twin by being an outlier.

When I was a kid, I used to wonder what if this universe, lives on the Earth, everyone and everything we know, see, feel is nothing but a simulation? That single thought kept me restless. Then suddenly I started feeling the sufferings of the souls around me as well as my own. I didn't want to live in a simulation where there are sufferings. Thus, as an "architect", I want to create a world where sufferings are just a few pages of a story book we read while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Road to Self-Purification - I

Recent Musical Arrangement

Khandaker Rahin ยท The Void