Khandaker Rahin

I am a passionate individual who thrives on coding, robotics, music, chess, and cycling. I'm constantly amazed by how technology permeates every aspect of our lives, transforming us into citizens of a digital universe. As a Software Engineer and Data Scientist, I leverage algorithms, machine learning, and statistical models to uncover patterns and derive meaningful insights from our digital world, setting myself apart as an innovator in this vast data landscape.

As a child, I often pondered whether our universe, life on Earth, and everything we perceive might just be a simulation. This thought kept me awake at night, especially as I began to empathize deeply with the sufferings of those around me and my own struggles. I refused to accept a simulated reality fraught with pain. Now, as an aspiring "architect" of the future, I compose solutions that harmonize technology and humanity, aiming to create a world where suffering is merely a chapter in a storybook—something we read about while savoring a cup of coffee. My journey is driven by the desire to debug the pains of our reality and orchestrate a more compassionate and enjoyable world through technological innovation.

Road to Self-Purification - I

Recent Musical Arrangement

Khandaker Rahin · The Void